What is “scientists are people 2” going to look like?

The goal of this blog site is to better connect real scientists with… well, everyone else. I realize this connection may already happen naturally. You may even already know a “scientist”! But, you may be asking yourself… “Who really lives within the science community, and is it possible that I have something in common with scientists across all brands of science?”

It may be true that scientists operate in a slightly different social space than most people, as we each go about about our daily lives. Perhaps they keep different social circles – go to different gyms or pubs, perhaps they spend too much time focused on their science to actively participate in things normal to your daily life, or perhaps they are just a bit odd.

Either way, this blog space will be strategically designed to bridge those social gaps and remind you (as well as the scientists) that Scientists Are People 2!

Studying the corals…

Studying their viruses!

NYE in Phnom Penh


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